I have my 1988 Full Size K5 Chevy Blazer for sale. I am the second owner on this truck, There is 60,900 original miles on this 350 TBI. I purchased it with 29,000 miles on it 10 yrs ago. This truck has a 350 TBI, with a 700 R4 Transmission bolted up to a chevy 208. All original and works great.
I have so many extras on this truck also. I have replaced the alternator, water pump, power steering pump, Battery and Valve Cover gaskets under the hood that is it.
This truck has NEVER been smoked in!!!!
I have seat covers and a dash cover so the seats and dash are still in perfect condition NO cracks or rips and tears.
There is starting to get some surface rust around the bottom of doors and tailgate. One little spot has rusted through that is not seen unless pointed out. This truck has also NEVER been drivin in the winter, always stored out of the salt.If you are fimiliar with these blazers the tail gates rust out and fall off or never open. This tail gate opens great and doesnt have much rust on it. Not even close to falling off. I also have a spare power window for the tail gate, These widows run $500 bucks each so when I got my hands on one I kept it.
The Blazer has a 3 inch Rancho body lift in it and a 4 inch Tough country suspension lift in it. Lift springs in the front and blocks in the rear. The shocks are all perfect because I have even replaced the shocks already, to superlift shocks there in great condition.
The truck sits on 35" by 14.50 TSL Thornbirds, about 25 thousand miles on the tires so far still half tread but just starting to cup. The wheels that the tires are mounted on are true chrome Progressive wheels also, with center caps.
I have replaced the original gears that were 3.55 to 4.11 limited slip front and rear. I have also replace all seals in front and rear axel and I replaced all u-joints in both driveshafts and axel shafts in the front. I had both axels and both driveshafts powder coated so they will NEVER rust.
There is a set of headlight covers and tailight covers in the cab also, there is also a class V reciever on back. I also replaced the original auto lock out hubs to the manual WARN lockout hubs for storger lock outs.
The hubs are packed every yr before driving and brakes are new front and rear, including wheel cylnders and shoes in rear.
I have a after marker GRANT steering wheel in the cab, looks awsome everything in the cab is just about perfect thats enough said.....
I removed the system, tachometer, tranny temp gauge, nurf bars, light bar on top, and light up chevy bow tie on front grill and licsence plate's because I will never get what all of that is worth. But thats ok this truck is still awsome and I hope someone is interested in taking a look.
I might have even forgot a few things to much to remember.
If interested message me on this site or email me at showtoy88@yahoo.com and I'll respond ASAP.
Ohh wait, one more thing I have almost every reciept for everything purchased for this truck.
I'm looking for a price of around $4,500 dollars I have so much more money in this truck and the value is only going to go down year after year. I bought a new truck and have no use for the blazer any more. Let me know!!!