View Full Version : They F*#ck ya at the drive through

08-24-2006, 04:32 PM
This is crap. Some one stole my car in feb. On valentines day none the less. The pigs called and said they found it on monday and come and get it from impound. When I called impound they said I couldn't have it because there was a police hold on it and a detective would contact me. Noone called and when I called today the detective said they didn't have my car. When I called the impound today they said they did but there is still a hold on it call back tomorrow. Then I called back the detective who told me "they forgot to conect the dots" And he woulkd send over a release so I can get my car. So now all I have to do is pay the towing and storage fees 200.00What a bunch of S#IT

08-24-2006, 05:06 PM
what kinda a car is it? that sucks. i'm sure there is a way around having to pay that, complain to the detive about it because it was his mistake. other wise maybe call a laywer.

kind of the same thing happened to a friends kid. parked his car for a week while he was gone on gaurd duty came back to find his truck gone, called the cops here they towed it car is sat too long. he had to pay close to $500 until he mentioned he was contacting his lawyer from his army outfit