View Full Version : Pickin up a new frame

05-17-2006, 10:09 PM
I'm pickin up a new frame and axles and everything bolted to the frame this weekend.. gonna make my truck a long box

05-17-2006, 10:14 PM
Now just find a decent long box.. Ask Vans about that scottsdale. Has no rust around the fenders that I could see.

05-17-2006, 10:16 PM
yeah i'll deffinetly check there for a box first cuz they'll sell it pretty cheap... ill go up and talk to chad at Wheels unlimited and see if he'll buy my short box

05-22-2006, 10:36 PM
well i got the new frame and i spent the afternoon scraping suit off the front half of it then after alot more scraping its time to sand down then im gonna use that bullet proof $hit to protect it so i wont have this problem again