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Nova Bandit
03-09-2006, 04:52 PM
We have been having major issues with our web hosting provider. A hard drive failed today, taking with it almost a days worth of posts and private messages. So, if you posted something and it didn't show up, or you private messaged someone and they don't respond, this is the reason. I am very sorry that this has happened, and I want to reassure everyone that I am in the process of looking for a new Web Host for the site.

If anyone has any questions, please email me at support@minnesotamud.com

BTW... :rifle:HostRocket.com:rockets:

Nova Bandit
03-09-2006, 07:06 PM
I've been looking into this more, and it seems that anything posted after 6PM CST last night (Wednesday) is gone. You can't fathom how PISSED OFF I am at my hosting company.

Until this is all straightened out, I will be backing up the entire forums database every few hours. I din't exactly have faith in them at this point.

Lil Swampy
03-09-2006, 11:10 PM
good thing i was out fourwheeling and not posting.

03-10-2006, 08:01 AM
you suck at teh servers

Maybe if you ate lunch earlier...

Nova Bandit
03-10-2006, 12:08 PM
Ok. Heres the deal. From now on, I am running two backups of the Forums database each day. One is running at 3am and the other at 3pm. These backups are also transfered to a server at my house, so they will always be in two places at any given time. So now the worst case scenario is if our web provider's facilities burn to the ground at 2:59am, we will only loose posts since 3pm the afternoon before. If I had everything set up this way before, we would have only lost about 2 or 3 posts during this last F up.