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Nova Bandit
02-17-2006, 02:01 PM
Get involved in orginizations that help up group together and fight all thoes tree huggers that think we shouldn't be able to ride an ATV in a state forest, or run a truck in a mud pit, because we might kill a south american green footed tree flea.

There are a few orginizations out there that are helping us FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS. Please check out these links:

http://www.sharetrails.org/ - Blue Ribbon Coalition
http://mn4wda.com/ - Minnesota 4 Wheel Drive Association
http://www.treadlightly.org/ - Tread Lightly!
http://www.ufwda.org/ - United 4 Wheel Drive Association

02-18-2006, 02:11 AM
What happened to you at hertle last year????
You got hugged by a tree:poke:

02-18-2006, 02:57 AM
No, I think he got beat down by the tree.

02-21-2006, 07:51 AM